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Обсуждение расширений » Simple Mail » 17-08-2014 18:38:49


you need to update Simplemail to V2.86.7 to work with FF31


Обсуждение расширений » Simple Mail » 09-03-2014 19:44:24

@bummer : maybe your firewall block mail connection from Firefox (aka : port 25/110 or 995/465 as Firefox is supposed to use use only 80/443) ...

Обсуждение расширений » Simple Mail » 26-05-2012 00:46:49

can you translate the problem on the counter met by KAMUI because I do not quite understand what is the bug :rolleyes:

Many thanx

Обсуждение расширений » Simple Mail » 25-05-2012 13:06:44

hi guys,
i've try to translate the lastest posts of this forum but Google translate Russian to English is not fluent !!:(
Anyway i've understand most of the parts ...
for the count number, you can hide it in the navbar when there is no mail and you can hide the ICON in the addonbar (it's mean icon AND count number) when there is no mail. I'll try to add, for the next version option to hide in the addonbar, either the counter or the icon or both.

Ps : it's hard to me to follow this forum in russian so if you please, try to post yours requests (in english ..!) on http://userlogos.org/forum/simplemail

Thank for your help and happy mail !!:D

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