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№112-10-2004 22:27:16

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Nvu 0.50

Вышел Nvu 0.50 - новая версия потомка Mozilla Composer:

Change Log

* based on Mozilla 1.7.1
* 7-bit LZMA compression for a smaller windows installer
* better horizontal and vertical rulers
* colored source view
* selection preserved between Normal/AllTags/Preview and Source views
* BiDi control buttons now apply only at block level, as requested by users
* new buttons to attach/center a positioned elements
* toolbars reorganized
* Inline Spell Checker (thanks to Neil Deakin and the Mozdev Group)
* new preference for entities encoding
* if the caret is in the last cell of a table and the user presses the tab key, the new row now acquires the "style" of the previous last row
* a very "pinger" sends us a trivial HTTP request when the user launches Nvu for the first time, and of course is he/she is willing to do it; the stats are online here; privacy is fully respected, the only data we store is the date and time of the ping.
* fixed bugs in the resizers
* Typing in tables and nested tables was very slow in 0.41, this is now fixed
* Linspire version calls kprinter
* it's now possible to rename a file/directory in the Site Manager
* linux builds (including Linspire) don't need any more the -edit or -editor command line arg to open a URL; just give the URL in the command line...
* it's now possible to drag an image from the Site Manager and drop it onto the main editing window; other filetypes will generate a link
* XFN 1.1
* the preferences now have a Fonts panel

Known Issues

* colored source view is not dynamic yet
* if the selection is preserved between Normal and Source View, the Source View does not correctly scroll to show the selection
* if renaming a file/dir in the Site Manager fails because of file permissions, no error message is fired

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.



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