Расширение Web Developer 1.1.9

Описание: Панель со множеством инструментов, полезных в разработке сайтов и при просмотре страниц.

Автор: Chris Pederick
Совместимость: SeaMonkey, Flock, Firefox.

addons.mozilla.org - web-developer
В том числе есть русский язык.

Перевод: INFOMAN


Домашняя страница: Web Developer

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Version 1.0.1
January 17, 2006

    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Display Stack Levels' showed an unreponsive script message when applied with other features
          o 'View Document Size' included a repeated style sheet more than once
          o Changing the sidebar font size in the options did not work
          o Checking 'Do not ask for confirmation in the future' in the confirmation dialogs did not work
          o CSS features did not work with style sheets linked with processing instructions
          o The toolbar could not be restored if it was hidden in a previous version
          o Tools did not encode ampersands correctly
    * 'Outline Positioned Elements' now uses unique colors


31 декабря 2005 - версия 1.0 расширения Web Developer

* Added a 'Help' link
* Added an option for hiding the informational dialogs
* Added an option to open the DOM Inspector in the sidebar
* Added an option to open the JavaScript console in the sidebar
* Added confirmation dialogs for all the permanent clearing and deleting features
* Added support for changing the generated text size
* Added support for configuring the 'Validate Local HTML' and 'Validate Local CSS' settings
* Added support for easier toggling of 'Show element names when outlining elements'
* Added support for Flock
* Added support for opening the page in another application
* Added support for retrieving file contents from the cache rather than a new request
* Added the features:
   o Add Cookie
   o Clear All Private Data
   o Convert Select Elements To Text Inputs
   o Delete Path Cookies
   o Disable External Site Images
   o Disable Meta Redirects
   o Disable Minimum Font Size
   o Disable Print Styles
   o Display Alt Attributes
   o Display Div Order
   o Display Element Information
   o Display Line Guides
   o Display Object Information
   o Display Ruler
   o Display Stack Levels
   o Display Table Depth
   o Display Table Information
   o Display Title Attributes
   o Edit HTML
   o Enable Form Fields
   o Make Frames Resizable
   o Make Images Full Size
   o Outline All Images
   o Outline Background Images
   o Outline External Links
   o Outline Headings
   o Outline Positioned Elements
   o Show Hidden Elements
   o Show Window Chrome
   o Small Screen Rendering
   o View Anchor Information
   o View Color Information
   o View Document Outline
   o View Document Size
   o View Generated Source
   o View Meta Tag Information
* 'Display CSS By Media Type' now supports persisting
* Fixed bugs:
   o 'Convert GETs To POSTs' did not work when a form does not specify a method
   o 'Disable Images' did not work in Firefox 1.5
   o 'Display CSS By Media Type' broke print preview
   o 'Display CSS By Media Type' ignored stylesheets with no specified media type
   o 'Display Id & Class Details' did not show id attributes for tables
   o 'Display Image Dimensions' did not work with images without dimension attributes in the HTML
   o 'Edit CSS' did not take the media attribute of a style sheet into account
   o 'Edit CSS' did not work with background images that are linked relative to the CSS in documents served with an HTML mime type
   o 'Edit CSS' polling is not disabled when the interval is set to zero
   o 'Enable Auto Completion' only checked for auto completion being disabled on forms not form elements
   o 'Find Broken Images' did not work properly when the cache is disabled
   o Keyboard shortcuts could not be empty
   o Keyboard shortcuts for a feature still worked when the feature was disabled
   o Options dialog lost values after resetting
   o 'Outline Tables' and 'Outline Table Cells' did not work with tables with border collapse turned on
   o Switching to an alternate style sheet was not reflected in the CSS features
   o The browser position changed when resizing
   o Toggling the toolbar from the keyboard shortcut behaved differently to toggling the toolbar from the 'View' menu
   o 'Validate Local HTML' did not handle character encoding correctly
   o 'Validate Local HTML' froze the browser when used on a page entirely generated by document.write()
   o 'View Cookie Information' did not take the cookie path into account
   o 'View CSS' only displayed the first of multiple imported style sheets
   o 'View Form Information' did not display image input elements
   o 'View Image Information' did not display images on input elements
   o 'Visited Links' toggled the link status rather than changing it
* Improved the 'Display Form Details' feature:
   o Checkbox and radio button values are now displayed
* Improved the 'View Form Information' feature:
   o Added maxlength and size
   o Added the element index
   o Checkbox and radio button state are now displayed
* Improved the 'View Source' feature:
   o Added a menu for frames
   o Added support for viewing the source in an external editor
* Improved the resize features:
   o Added support for wildcards which do not change that dimension in 'Custom Size'
   o Added viewport options
* Improved the view information results:
   o Added support for disabling the tidying of the view information results
   o Added support for sorting the view information result tables by column
* Optimized the code
* Removed the 'W3C Documents'
* Replaced 'Display Link Paths' feature with 'Display Link Details'
* Replaced the 'Outline Selected Element' feature with 'Outline Current Element'
* Toolbar menus now work like the Bookmarks Toolbar
* 'Validate Feed' now uses the W3C validator
* 'View Image Information' now displays alt and title attributes
* Tidied the menus
* Various minor code fixes

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Русская версия

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Версия 1.0.2

Web Developer 1.0.2

Версия: 1.0.2
Размер: 145,3 Кбайт
Автор расширения: Chris Pederick
Домашняя страница: http://chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/
Перевод: INFOMAN
Дата последнего обновления: 19.10.2006
Совместимоcть: http://people.mozilla.ru/stoneflash/misc/icons/ffico.png 1.0 - 2.0.0.* http://people.mozilla.ru/stoneflash/misc/icons/flico.png 0.4 - 1.0 http://people.mozilla.ru/stoneflash/misc/icons/mzico.png 1.0 - 1.7.* http://people.mozilla.ru/stoneflash/misc/icons/smico.png 1.0 - 1.0.*

    * English
    * Catalan
    * Finnish
    * French
    * German
    * Italian
    * Portuguese (Brazilian)
    * Russian
    * Ukrainian

Установить 1.0.2 для Firefox и Flock
Установить 1.0.2 для Mozilla и SeaMonkey



Web Developer 1.0.2 вышел January 31, 2006

Установить 1.0.2 для Firefox и Flock


Установить 1.0.2 для Mozilla и SeaMonkey

Нет, это английская.
С русской локалью:

Кстати, при отключённых картинках на форуме вот такой вид получается:

Совместимоcть: <изображение> 1.0 - 2.0.0.* <изображение> 0.4 - 1.0 <изображение> 1.0 - 1.7.* <изображение> 1.0 - 1.0.*

Лучше, наверное, писать и имя.)

Web Developer 1.1.3

Установить 1.1.3 English для SeaMonkey и Mozilla

Последняя локализованная версия, судя по сайту, на данный момент - 1.0.2

Version 1.1.3
January 31, 2007

    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Disable Meta Redirects' did not work with multiple tabs
          o The element information toolbar did not show and hide correctly

Version 1.1.2
January 19, 2007

    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Display Line Guides' and 'Display Ruler' did not enable and disable correctly when switching tabs
          o 'Edit CSS' lost all styles when the page was refreshed
          o 'Remove Maximum Lengths' did not work
          o Color information was not output correctly
    * Various minor code fixes

Version 1.1.1
January 12, 2007

    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Edit CSS' and 'View CSS' did not support some compressed content
          o Certain features did not enable and disable correctly
          o Resizing the dashboard could break the browser layout
    * Various minor code fixes

Version 1.1
January 8, 2007

    * Added a status icon that indicates whether there are CSS errors on the page
    * Added close buttons to all the extension toolbars
    * Added support for displaying the compressed and uncompressed file sizes in 'View Document Size'
    * Added support for entering the ruler dimensions for the 'Display Ruler' feature
    * Added support for explaining why certain features are unavailable
    * Added support for saving the viewport resizing option
    * Added support for the 'ping' attribute to 'Display Link Details'
    * Added support for using multiple Web Developer sidebars at the same time
    * Added the features
          o Disable Proxy
          o Disable Strict JavaScript Warnings
          o Display Abbreviations
          o Display Page Magnifier
          o Display Page Validation
          o Outline Images With Oversized Dimensions
          o Outline Links With Ping Attributes
          o Outline Table Captions
          o Validate Local Accessibility
    * Changed the JavaScript status icon when JavaScript is disabled
    * Improved the 'Edit CSS' feature
          o Add Mozilla/Seamonkey support
          o Add search functionality
    * Improved the 'Edit HTML' feature
          o Added Mozilla/Seamonkey support
          o Added search functionality
    * Improved the 'View Cookie Information' feature
          o Added support for deleting cookies
          o Added support for editing cookies
    * Improved the 'View Style Information' feature
          o Added support for syntax highlighting
          o Allowed the path to the highlighted element to be copied
    * Improved the design of the output of the features
    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'View Color Information' did not display some colors correctly
          o 'View Document Size' did not include alternate style sheets
          o 'View Document Size' did not include objects
          o 'View Document Size' did not work on pages that link directly to images and objects
          o 'View JavaScript Information' did not handle GZIP encoded files properly
          o 'View Source With...' truncated large local files
          o 'View Style Information' did not show color information in hexadecimal format
          o Image features did not work correctly with images with only one dimension specified
          o Memory leaks
    * Optimized the code
    * Various minor code fixes

Web Developer 1.1.4

Установить 1.1.4 English для SeaMonkey и Mozilla

May 10, 2007

    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Add Cookie' did not work
          o 'Edit Cookie' did not work in non-English locales
          o 'Outline Tables' stayed checked when the page refreshed

Web Developer 1.1.5

March 16, 2008

Установить 1.1.5 English для SeaMonkey

Установить 1.1.5 локализованный для SeaMonkey - в том числе есть русский язык.

#  Fixed bugs:

    * 'Display Element Information' and 'View Style Information' could change the page when clicking
    * 'Display Form Details' did not disable correctly on XHTML pages
    * Icons did not display in the customize toolbar dialog

# Removed 'Validate Local Accessibility' as it no longer worked
# Optimized the code
# Various minor code fixes

Web Developer 1.1.6

May 19, 2008

Установить 1.1.6 English для SeaMonkey

Установить 1.1.6 локализованный для SeaMonkey - в том числе есть русский язык.

    * Added an identifier attribute to generated pages
    * Added support for Firefox 3 builds newer than Beta 5
    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Clear All Private Data' did not work
          o 'Display Anchors' linked to the wrong URL when a base HREF is set
          o 'View Document Outline' did not support images in headings
          o Keyboard shortcuts did not toggle features correctly
    * Various minor code fixes

Web Developer 1.1.9

SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.0.*
Flock 1.0 - 2.6.*
Firefox 1.0 - 4.0.*

addons.mozilla.org - web-developer

January 5, 2011
    * Added support for Firefox 4.0
    * Set the 'Expires' value one day into the future by default for the 'Add Cookie...' feature
    * Fixed issues:
          o 'Outline Images With Adjusted Dimensons' did not work with sizes with units specified
          o 'Show Hidden Elements' did not show hidden form elements
          o 'View Style Information' was vulnerable to a cross site scripting attack
          o Z-index used for features which added elements to the page needed to be increased

Version 1.1.8
June 30, 2009
    * Combined the Firefox and Seamonkey versions of the extension
    * Fixed issues:
          o 'View Generated Source' did not work

Version 1.1.7
June 29, 2009
    * Added support for Firefox 3.5