Автор: The ChatZilla Team
Адрес домашней страницы: http://chatzilla.hacksrus.com/
Дата последнего обновления: 05.10.2014
Перевод: Unghost
Совместимоcть: [firefox] 3.5 и выше [seamonkey] 2.0 и выше [songbird] 1.9 - 1.10
Описание: Быстрый, легкий IRC клиент с возможностью установки к нему расширений.

Расширение в формате XPI
Русификация расширения в формате XPI
Приложение для XULRunner

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.69

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.69 saves the ignore list, auto-joins channels that initially failed when invited, and has improved connecting logic. There is also a security indicator in the statusbar, a default quit message preference, and -chat works with Firefox again. Many new commands, including /ban and /unban have been added, as well as fixes for existing commands like /whois not working with international nicknames properly. There are many, many other changes - check out the list of bugs if you are interested.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla

Что нового:

Revision fixes issues when changing tabs, a small bug in /dcc-accept and makes closing a network tab stop it from reconnecting, as well as correctly displaying your away message in the drop-down for channel views. Also added is a message to help notify users of when bug 291386 strikes (bug 319219 has more information).

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla

Что нового:

Revision fixes a bug in the startup ping code where it would accidentally send one even if the user had said not to (whoops!).

Revision fixes /kick-ban with IP addresses, displays more modes in the header bar, adds some new commands (/knock, /map and /stats), and makes the default quit message configurable per-network. There is also a new option to move the userlist to the right-hand side, and you can now drag a user from the userlist to copy their nickname.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.70

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.70 fixes dragging the userlist scrollbar and some strict JS warnings, plus renames some options to make more sense.

Кроме того в русской версии кодировка по умолчанию - cp1251.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.71

Что нового:

ChatZilla 0.9.71 fixes problems on the latest nightly Firefox builds, and adds clickable Talkback links, an ident server, auto-accept for DCC file transfers, basic support for Flock, and a completely revised menu layout. Also, preference changes are no longer lost if Mozilla or Firefox crash after the change.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.72

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.72 fixes channel join errors appearing on the wrong view, missing information in the DCC chat header, and adds the away options menu to the main menu, as well as supressing the quit confirmation when using the /quit command or the menu. Also, images and symbols have been added for +a (admin) and +q (founder) modes on supported servers to improve the appearance of said modes. Lastly, logging now switches to a new file when the date changes even when ChatZilla is kept open across the change.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.73

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.73 fixes a key conflict in Firefox's Tools menu, getBanMask now works even when the client doesn't know the user's hostname, the multi-line input opens when dragging/pasting multi-line text, and ban lists are now formatted neatly. Also added is the back-end work for supporting customizing the network list.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.74

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.74 fixes a small leak with plugins, stops ChatZilla locking files sent with DCC forever, hides the logging messages when the date changes, reconnects to the current server before trying the next one and allows multiple parameters to /who.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.75

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.75 fixes double password prompts for some URLs, displays server-set channel mode changes, and prevents recursive aliases from hanging. Additions include Ctrl-Enter to send lines starting with /, connection retries don't use seconds for long waits, and HTTP proxy support.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.76

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.76 fixes errors with notices prior to connecting, a few JavaScript strict warnings, some infrequent leaks, and the 'You need to be an operator' error on joining. Other improvements include only showing away messages once per user (for a unique away message), adding autoscroll support for SeaMonkey, correct logging for multi-line pastes and a much improved timestamp format system (strftime).

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.77

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.77 fixes a bug when toggling timestamps, anchors the scroll position better when new messages arrive, and fixes a DOM error on development versions of Firefox.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.78

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.78 fixes some cosmetic bugs with the Join Channel dialog, the /oper command, text not always sending with DCC Chat and many small issues with the text munger (inline styles). In addition, the Switch Text Direction shortcut has been updated to match Firefox (again), and the tab switching shortcuts likewise now match the host application (Firefox, Mozilla). The statusbar now includes an online/offline icon, like in SeaMonkey. Finally, in Firefox versions that support it ( and up), spell-checking has been added to the input box.

P.S. Версия 0.9.78 не отображает МИРК-цвета, нельзя отключить смайлы и имеются некоторые другие проблемы. В ночных сборках данные проблемы уже исправлены и в скором времени ожидается выпуск версии

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla

Что нового:

Revision fixes a couple of regressions in text display in the last release: formatting preferences now apply fine again, mIRC colors are displayed properly, and the URL linkifier has also been improved.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.79

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.79 fixes errors with the /rlist command, automatically joining channels with a "/" in them, and counting users not in the channel in the user count (e.g. ChanServ), as well as many others. New features include links to the FAQ in connection errors, inline "cancel" option when connecting, accepting motif URLs which don't end in ".css", hiding DCC file transfers and high visibility of the F6 focus change. Also important is the addition of WAI-ARIA attributes to much of the output, increasing the accessibility of ChatZilla.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.80

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.80 fixes /cancel when doing a /list, some errors handling color codes near URLs, issues with nickname reclaiming while away and some incorrect messages when reconnecting. New features include a rewritten userlist, which performs better, linking of 'bug X comment Y' in addition to 'bug X', auto-away when for you're idle, display of WALLOPS and mode prefixed messages, and drag-and-drop rearranging of tabs.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.81

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.81 fixes /ban not working, hiding tabs no longer breaks everything on Firefox 3, /names doesn't cause duplicates in the userlist, -chat command line option works much better in XULRunner, and emoticons are more accessible to screen readers. Additionally, pressing Enter in the join channel dialog now works, IRC URL handling has improved support for international characters, and IRCX ONJOIN messages are now displayed.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.82

Что нового:

Revision 0.9.82 fixes views missing from the preferences window, ensures the 'Browse' button in the preferences works in all cases, reduces infinite nickname retries to just 3 (plus user-set choices) and fixes a few cases where nicknames with spaces were sent as-is. The userlist has new images for both 'symbols' and 'non-symbols' modes, improving readability on dark userlists (which the dark motif now includes). Aria support has been updated for Firefox 3 and compatibility with Songbird is improved. Changing to an invalid nickname doesn't save until the server accepts it, 'User commands' has been added to private message view tabs and /voice and co. now accept * to apply to all users in the channel.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla

Revision fixes three regressions found in 0.9.82: the preferences window doesn't save when used from Firefox's Addons window, talking/actions don't work in DCC Chat and the userlist is often unreadable on Mac when using the dark motif. Additionally, moving the tab of a channel called '#' is now fixed. The columns in the Join Channel dialog are now resizable and double-clicking the userlist starts a private chat with the user.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.83

Revision 0.9.83 fixes a few URL and linking issues, online motifs in Firefox 3, inline CTCPs causing messages to get lost and some cases which were not being wrapped correctly. The command dispatcher now calls before/after hooks consistently even when errors occur and knows which commands are activated by the mouse. Some startup checks have been adjusted to stop Firefox 3 launching Java, the topic editor is now less keen to lose changes and copied important messages now jump to the message in channel when clicking the [#channel] link.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.84

Revision 0.9.84 fixes find results appearing under the header, nickname reclaiming not trying the original nickname on a second disconnect, not being able to reorder DCC tabs and auto-perform not working with bitlbee. The CEIP code no longer throws an error on first-start and no longer logs logger:stop events incorrectly. Command+Shift+[/] now change tabs on Mac and we've added a new about dialog box.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.85

Revision 0.9.85 fixes Wikipedia and other links that end in a parenthesis, log rotation in timezones not a multiple of 60 minutes offset from UTC, wordwrapping sometimes occuring unnecessarily in the middle of words, 'is logged in as' /whois message appearing in the wrong tab, the header not updating when being toggled from hidden to visible, 'No such nick/channel' errors to include the name that wasn't found, direct chat's display of the other user (text around their nickname) and more; improves size of listboxes in preferences window, allows /leave on a channel when disconnect to prevent rejoining on reconnect, saves the input box's history between sessions and makes commands overwritten by aliases or plugins return when removed; adds /alias foo to show the single alias 'foo', /unalias foo command as shortcut for /alias foo -, a pause if trying to connect before proxy setting have loaded, a button to jump to the directory of a completed file transfer, op/voice/etc. status information to HTML for motifs to use and more.

Вышла русская версия ChatZilla 0.9.86

Revision 0.9.86 fixes the userlist not always re-sorting on nick changes, auto-perform not working when IDENT fails, DCC File completion 'open file' link not always working, /delete-view not disconnecting DCC Chat sessions, incorrect tooltips appearing on tabs, ##channel links sometimes missing the first #, some cases of color codes not working in close proximity to colons, pass= URL argument not being sent to built-in networks and more. Improved string formatting of timestamps, logging when loaded in a tab, ordering of IRC menu items, storage of seen URLs and display of lag values. Added an install plugin menu, dialog and command, ANSI escape parsing, SSL exception adding, menu listing open and hidden views and a /delayed command.

Вышла ChatZilla

Revision fixes Firefox 4 compatibility, jumpy tab drag-and-drop, CEIP failed uploading loop; adds DCC chat sounds and menu for stopping DCC file transfers.

ChatZilla 0.9.87 fixes the preferences not opening from Add-Ons or when duplicate aliases are defined, the tab drag arrow not disappearing on drop, slow channel searching, opening links not focusing the browser tab, private chat ignoring scrollback size and the missing window icon. Plugins' disable() is now called when closing ChatZilla.

ChatZilla 0.9.88 fixes missing preferences menu on Mac, auto-perform not being consistently sent, problems installing certain plug-ins and improves support for bouncers and Firefox's single menu.

ChatZilla fixes opening links when no browser window is open.

ChatZilla fixes inline buttons (cancel/reconnect, DCC accept/reject, etc.) in Firefox 11 and later.

ChatZilla 0.9.89 fixes links with non-lower-case schemes, /part outside of channel views, IPv6 address literals in irc: URLs and improves history and plugin support, plus some spelling fixes.

ChatZilla 0.9.90 fixes proxy connections in Firefox 18, preferences window being empty in SeaMonkey, /delayed losing execution context, /ignore not ignoring invites, close not working on channels on disconnected networks and certain IPs not decoding properly in DCC messages. Tool-tips have been added to tabs and unhiding key-protected channels no longer prompts for the key unnecessarily.

ChatZilla 0.9.91 fixes problems with /join and /part when multiple channels are specified, saves the name of renamed tabs and adds per-view sound events and visual notifications.

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