JSView 1.5

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Автор расширения: Ron Beckman
Домашняя страница: http://forum.softwareblaze.com
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Перевод: stoneflash
Дата последнего обновления: 20.12.2007
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Описание: Позволяет просматривать внешние таблицы стилей и скрипты через контекстное меню просматриваемой страницы.


Версия: 1.2.5
What's new:

-- Removed the code used to select the temp folder. Your system's default temp folder will be used instead. There seemed to be a bit of confusion surrounding the jsview temp folder. So hopefully by removing the need for users to select one it should simplify the process. The temp folder is only needed if you are trying to view the source code of an embedded script or if the script has not been downloaded. And to avoid deleting any important files by accident the option to remove temp files on exit has also been removed.
-- The window size and the 'hide bottom frame' option will now be saved each time you exit the JS Object Reference window.
-- The view source window will now retrieve js and css from the tab it was opened from instead of the current tab.
-- Improved support for Mac OS. You may need to reset the jsview.extapp preference after you install this version. You can do so from the about:config page or simply open the jsview options window and re-select the text editor.
-- Improved the code used to open files in an external editor.

Версия: 1.2.6
What's new:

-- Removed overlay from 'View Page Source' menu item
-- Added new menu item to the context menu labeled 'View Page Source - JSView'. This menu item will retrieve the uri of the target you right click on and open it based on the behavior you choose in the options window. This will allow you to right click in a frame and retrieve the correct uri for that frame. Previously even if you clicked on 'View Page Source' in a frame it would retrieve the location of the main page not the frame's location.
-- Condensed the code used to add menu items to the various popup menus.

Версия: 1.2.7
What's new:

-- Fixed bug that occurred when trying to view an external script from the view menu in the 'View Source' window
-- Added the option to remove the new jsview menu item from the context menu

Версия: 1.2.8
What's new:

-- Fixed bug that occurred in FF 1.5 when viewing source in new window

Версия: 1.2.9
What's new:

-- Fixed bug that caused frame url's to appear in the css popup menus if the frames contained embedded stylesheets
-- Redesigned jsview icon

JSView 1.4


Software Blaze — Version History

Version 1.4

- Fixed bug with context menu that occurred when the target property of the gContextMenu object was null.
- Added hu-HU and pl-PL locales.
- Updated all other locales.

Version 1.3

-Added new 'View Page Source' menu item to statusbar and toolbar context menus

Версия: 1.5
Что нового:

-- Add the ability to copy urls of scripts/stylesheets in the jsview popup menu.
-- Updated all other locales.

JSView 2.0.5

Размер: 95,0 Кбайт
Автор расширения: Ron Beckman
Домашняя страница: http://forum.softwareblaze.com
Перевод на русский язык: есть
Дата последнего обновления: 20.07.2008
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