Размер: 33 КБ
Автор расширения: SUN Chun-Yen
Сайт: http://hemiolapei.free.fr/divers/tabmix/tabmix.html.en
Перевод: Artlonger
Дата добавления/последнего обновления: 05.02.2005
Совместимо с версиями Firefox: 1.0 - 1.1
В данном расширении соединено множество фич позаимствованных из различных расширений по работе с вкладками. В них входит: 

Links opening:
    Force links (including the links from Extension Manager, Theme Mananger and Help Window) that open new windows to open in new tabs or current tab.
    Open the JavaScript popups in new tabs
    Open bookmarks, search results, and URLs in the address bar in new tabs.
    Force the links with target attribute to open in current tab (1).
    Enable Single Window Mode (1).
Tab features:
    Focus the left tab or the last selected tab when closing a tab.
    Open new tab next to the current one.
    Load Homepage when opening a new tab.
    Undo close Tab(3).
Appearance of tab and tab bar:
    A close button will be shown, always or when mouse move on it (2), on the tab tag.
    When too many tabs, enable mouse scrolling tab bar, show a scrolling button on the tab bar, or use multirow tab bar.
    Move the tab bar to the bottom of the window. (You don't need to restart Firefox !!)
    Set the width of tab.
    Hide the close button on the right of tab bar.
    Show a progress meter on tab's tag when loading.
    Make spaces on tab bar for drop and click.
    Mark the unread tabs.
Mouse gestures:
    Drag the tab to change it's order.
    Focus the tab pointed by mouse.
    Switch the tab by scrolling.
    Double-clicking to open new tab, close tab, duplicate tab (and it's history session), or reload tab.
    Ctrl - Click functions as Middle-Click (Clicking on tab to close, on tab bar to reopen).
    Show or hide the new Menu items of the context menu of tab (bar), such as Duplicate tab, Close right/left tabs, Undo close tab, Permissions (docShell), etc.

   1. Advanced settings
   2. The delay time is controled by the hidden setting : extensions.tabmix.tabXDelay, default value: 50 (ms).
   3. Tabs can be reopened via tab bar context menu, middle click on tab bar, or Ctrl-Shift-F12.

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