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Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 24-05-2019 11:09:22

tom911 пишет

У всех задержка в пару секунд домашней страницы с Quick Dial при запуске браузера?

This week i recognise too that NelliTab is becoming slow after sometime if there are too much icons in the database.

I hope this is the same issue and i already have a fix but I need some time for testing because i changed loading icons. I will release the fix in 2019.11 asap. Good news of the issue is with the fix NelliTab is really becoming fast(er). =)

BR Thomas

Update: Its fixed in 2019.11.

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 07-01-2019 10:28:15

- Option for default click i will add in next version
- For having/making screenshots for sites i need to check
- Bug editing in search i will check/fix too

But please give me some time, because for 2019.1 which shows downloads took lot of spare time. :)

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 17-12-2018 20:38:05

For the "white flash" issue i adapted "known issues" under "Release Notes":

"Whenever NelliTab with a dark theme is opened, there's a white flash. By default empty tabs in most browser are white, only private windows in Firefox® are purple. Currently there is no option for developers to change this. The only solution could be to use user stylesheets but the support in Chrome™ was removed recently and stylesheets made in userChrome.css of Firefox® are loaded too late. Only the (user) stylesheets in Vivaldi are working as expected. Just select there a dark theme or adapt "#main > .inner" in your custom.css."

I already opened a new bug for userChrome.css but i guess the mark it as "duplicate" and nothing will happen.... sorry.

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 10-12-2018 11:44:03

Hi everyone,

if you have problems, questions or you find any bug, please just write me an email, i try to change/fix it asap.

I can still read Russian but i forgot already everything, but i will use Google translate and try to understand. Best would be always put screenshots in the email. =)

BR Thomas from NelliTab удалено

Google Translate:

Всем привет,

Если у вас есть проблемы, вопросы или вы обнаружили ошибку, просто напишите мне письмо, я постараюсь как можно скорее изменить / исправить.

Я все еще могу читать по-русски, но я уже все забыл, но я буду использовать Google Translate и постараюсь понять. Лучше всего будет всегда ставить скриншоты в электронное письмо. знак равно

БР Томас от NelliTab удалено

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 20-08-2018 10:25:46

NelliTab 2018.15 is out with "Private Mode" support. Have fun! Now i check other issues. =)

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 09-08-2018 00:59:40

I released 2018.14 and in build 415 it should work in private mode now, but only for Chrome.

In Firefox there seems to be an annoying bug that the indexDB is not working (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=781982, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=892900). I guess its just "not available", no clue why (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1150666). Currently i have no solution, but we will see...

Update: I delete new chrome version too, after restart, settings are lost. :(

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 08-08-2018 09:25:47

I not really understand what you mean. :(

Containers have their browser storage separated from other containers. Means global settings or already made settings are not available in a container and thats why NelliTab starts from scratch (e.g. welcome screen) and you need to repeat/remake your settings (e.g. to choose the shown Bookmarks "Root" folder).


Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 08-08-2018 00:39:39

Uploaded new version 2018.14 which should fix the issue with containers. Tiny fix but huge changes because the options page is now integrated in new tab page too (because of containers). I hope new version does not introduce new issues...

Have fun and thx for the feedback.

BR Thomas

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 06-08-2018 10:08:06

As a chrome user never noticed it that there are containers, but I found the trouble maker. =)

But the problem is, that a container is separated from the "central" options page, each container type has its own local storage.

I need to find a workaround (e.g. integrate the options page inside the "new tab page") to have access to container's local storage. Means the options must be set again for each container type... not nice but this seems to be the concept of containers.

I will make an update soon!

Обсуждение расширений » Визуальные закладки » 05-08-2018 14:03:53

Hi, i am the developer of NelliTab. I do not understand everything in detail here because google translation is not so good and 8 years russian in school i already forgot everthing. ;-)

But what i understand, the bug that if you define "9 icons per row" and it shows more like 10, is already fixed (should). I already added a compact view to minimize the gap between icons but needs be activated, its not default.

The issue with OG previews i will check soon, because today i try to get NelliTab to work under Vivaldi Browser, because the issue that its broken there could affect Firefox and Chrome too. =)

If you have any question and/or need help, please let me know, any time under support@nellitab.io! I make NelliTab in my free time for free and not easy to find time, but i read all the email and try to answer asap.

BR Thomas

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